Arlene Remsik is the owner and creative director of Exceptional Events. She and her team of event professionals have been planning and executing “exceptional events” for almost three decades. The team's expertise is derived from diverse backgrounds in corporate event planning, marketing, special event design, black-tie fundraising, media relations, impressive tablescapes and event/holiday décor, audio/video production, meeting planning, and convention management.

Exceptional Events has produced numerous events, large and small, working with a number of different organizations and partners to make exceptional events happen. Specialty areas include:

  • Organization and Planning — our attention to detail — whether it’s for decorations, communications, transportation, or any other task — ensures that every event is a memorable event
  • Vendor Negotiation — our relationships with a wide range of vendors enables us to maximize your budget while ensuring a quality product
  • Soliciting and Securing Sponsorships — our experience with not-for-profit organizations has helped us to develop the most effective means of securing sponsorships and funds
  • Marketing and Public Relations — our background in marketing and media relations ensures that your event gets noticed by both your target audience and the media
  • Decorating — our creative and unique ideas ensure that no two events are the same
  • Volunteer Management — we know what it takes to motivate volunteers, respect their time, and properly train them prior to each event

Following a fact-finding session that encompasses the realization of your goals, our staff develops an action plan that integrates the theme with creative communications and visual solutions. Our expertise is reflective in every step of the event planning process. Whether it's a first-time event or an annual celebration, Exceptional Events takes the most basic plans to the next level and gives each event its own identity and uniqueness. This transformation is seamless as Exceptional Events offers creative options and makes knowledgeable decisions to maintain consistency and eliminate guesswork. Throughout the process, no detail goes unnoticed thus ensuring an exceptional event.

With an earned reputation in the event management industry, Exceptional Events has the necessary resources to maximize any budget without compromising quality. Our experience and relationships provide us with the knowledge to offer specific advice and negotiate the most favorable terms with vendors with your best interests in mind.